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    I under stand they go in ip management can you give example of how to set them up in ip management from what i was told you can set anything for domain and alias because i-mscp will create from what i understood a link to eth0 but my service does not use eth0 all ip's are set on eth1 eth1:2 eth1:3 etc when putting something in for domain and alias then setting it on eth1 from drop down nothing is accessible and when trying to remove the IP that was just added you cant
    Problem Resolved

    Thanks everyone for your help

    could you explain how to add ip's i guess i miss understood what was said to add them I should have also said in 1st post my service does not use eth0 all my ip's are on eth1 including primary ip


    I have Multiple ip's on my dedicated i been trying to add them to the control panel but have not been able to and was wondering if the problem might be that all ip's are set on eth1 like eth1 eth1:2 eth1:3 etc would this be the problem ?


    Which type of SSL is needed for SSL support for master a single domain SSL or Wildcard SSL which covers domain & sub domains