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    Take a look in your access Logfiles of the apache when you are using DNS. If you see nothing you need to check the Ports on your router

    I have looked in /var/log/apache2/access.log nothing seems to be wrote to that file
    I have doubled checked ports in router and using a web based port checker and 53 is open

    Sounds like a DNS problem. Did you configure the DNS settings of your domain to resolve to your (external) IP address?

    Yes name server was registered ns1 and ns2 to static IP and ns1 and ns2 set for domain to point to created name server that is registered with domain provider

    I know its not supported but is there anything different need to be done to setup behind a router

    I have static IP set in router
    Im using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    installed with then updated to 1.1.0-rc3 had no issues with either one
    I have opened all ports listed in service ports except ones listed as localhost
    I checked all ports to make sure they were open and they are
    I am able to see the install with IP but not able to see it with Domain

    Ran the install on 12.04 LTS and im getting an error message about Duplicate Sources I have gone back and did it a couple of times in virtual box to try to figure this out but when i run apt-get update before i try install of i-mscp all is fine i get this message only when build of i-mscp is done and i get this

    at the bottom of that ask if you want to continue i have said yes to it and seems to install ok but was wondering how to fix this

    Question about php settings in control panel if you increase the Upload Max Filesize,Post Max size,Memory Limit,Max Execution Time should you keep it off in php settings section of control panel so it can not be changed or should the settings in control panel allow a user to increase it up to max of what is set in php.ini

    I have it set to yes in the php settings section of control panel so they can be changed but it keeps telling me Value for the PHP post_max_size directive must be between 0 and 10. I have increased them in the php.ini and restarted server

    If you know you will need to increase theses should it be done in master before adding a user/domain

    Im using Debian 6 with i-mscp and use filezilla for FTP client my trasnfers are very slow is there anything i should look at or have setup to get better speed out of FTP transfers ?