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    No problem and I hope it will work out for you. If you experience any problems, feel free to drop a post and we'll see if we can help.

    Hi veg-grower,

    I myself use i-MSCP + Apache2 and NGiNX as proxy, it gives a huge performance boost on static files. Same as the resources used by the server has been decreased by 25-50% on certain tasks.

    It will soon be incl. as an option in i-MSCP.
    If you'd like to give it a go, you can try the write up I did:

    There is no guarantee it will work for you, but I know it has worked for others incl. me and Laurent (Nuxwin).

    Looks good now.

    Are you still receiving 403 errors?

    Rediscovered security bug in most releases of NGiNX.

    A quote from the NGiNX team:

    Debian bug report is filed as well:

    I'll keep this thread updated with info, as soon as new arrive.

    So you're running mod_evasive and it looks like this causes the problem.

    Disable it and restart Apache, see if the problem persists.

    Are you by any chance running mod_evasive or mod_security or some wordpress security module?

    You can use: apachectl -M