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    Thank you for that answer.

    But that does not help.

    What does that mean? I dont have the root anymore so I can't export all databases at once.
    I have to use the imscp user for that?
    Does that user have access to all databases?

    Can I enable root access to make this easier?

    Just tried to update to the newest version.
    My Dualstack listener file worked fine for the last few releases.

    The installer throws the following:

    1. main::setupDbTasks: Modification of a read-only value attempted at /etc/imscp/listeners.d/ line 106. │Please have a look at if you need help.

    Line 106 is:

    1. @{$data->{'IPS'}} = uniq( @{$data->{'IPS'}}, @IPS );

    Any Ideas?

    Wow, thats easier than i thought it would be.
    I will check that out.

    And just to let you know and in case you dont have that in mind.
    Dualstack is getting rather important for me personally as in germany a few cable providers only supply a native IPv6 to their customers and providing IPv4 connectivity via a ISP grade NAT, which really influences throughput sometimes.

    For Vioceservers for example it was very helping ro provide native IPv6 connectivity, and it would be a great thing to get that out of the box.

    Dont worry, I have only two hands as well.
    Thank you for your work on i-MSCP.


    So what is the way it is done right now?
    I really want to use dualstack.
    I was waiting for 1.3.0 hoping it will be avaiable. :(

    [EDIT] Thank you medienlampe, how do I use that file? [EDIT]

    just upgraded to 1.3.0 beeing curious about the IPv6 thing mentioned in the announcment.
    I have activated both IPs, the IPv4 and IPv6 in the configuration and activated them for the reseller.
    But it seems that i can only activate either the v4 OR v6.

    Is it still not possible to get proper dualstack out of the box?