Dualstack with 1.3.0

  • Hi,
    just upgraded to 1.3.0 beeing curious about the IPv6 thing mentioned in the announcment.
    I have activated both IPs, the IPv4 and IPv6 in the configuration and activated them for the reseller.
    But it seems that i can only activate either the v4 OR v6.

    Is it still not possible to get proper dualstack out of the box?

  • Morning

    Support for dual-stack is planned for 1.4.0 ;)


  • @robingroppe

    Dual-stack requires several changes in the db structure. We have already worked hard on 1.3.x. We have only two hands ;) Right now, you can use a listener file which is available in the contrib directory of the i-MSCP archive.


  • Modify the file (add your ip-adress(es)) then copy it to /etc/imscp/listener.d/ and rerun the imscp-autoinstall :)

    Edit by nuxwin: For such listener, a simple reconfiguration is sufficient. See my post below.

  • @robingroppe

    You must put that file into the /etc/imscp/listeners.d directory, edit it according your needs (configuration parameters are clearly documented inside the file). Once done, just run: perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -da


  • Wow, thats easier than i thought it would be.
    I will check that out.

    And just to let you know and in case you dont have that in mind.
    Dualstack is getting rather important for me personally as in germany a few cable providers only supply a native IPv6 to their customers and providing IPv4 connectivity via a ISP grade NAT, which really influences throughput sometimes.

    For Vioceservers for example it was very helping ro provide native IPv6 connectivity, and it would be a great thing to get that out of the box.

    Dont worry, I have only two hands as well.
    Thank you for your work on i-MSCP.