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    It was resolved indeed and many thanks to f4Nm1Z9k2P for his friendly assistance :thumbsup:

    The basic problem was the format of the TXT entry for the mail record in the DNS. It has been mentioned already here in the forum - in the case of some external DNS providers, it is necessary to remove quotation marks and empty spaces of the key for that field.

    I had done this, but my Thunderbird Addon DKIM-verifier still indicated a problem (as indicated in the opening post), which made me think that the DKIM settings for my server aren't working.

    f4Nm1Z9k2P pointed out to me that the Addon is actually caching old DNS records. After I deleted the file "dkimKey.sqlite" in my Thunderbird profile, the DKIM-verifier shows a positive result.

    I am mentioning this here in case another user runs into the same problems. I have written to the developer of the Addon about this problem, and will eventually update this post with additional information.

    OpenDKIM doesn't work on my server.

    I use an external DNS Service and have entered the TXT record for mail as instructed.

    Output from mail-tester: "Wir konnten Ihren öffentlichen Schlüssel nicht empfangen."

    DKIM-Verifier, an AddOn for Thunderbird, reports for mails from my server: "Ungültig (Kein DKIM Schlüssel im DNS Server gefunden)"

    What can I do to correct this?

    i-MSCP 1.5.3 Build: 20180516

    OpenDKIM Version 2.0.0 (Build 2017090800)

    Das ist ein bisschen blöd gelöst - die Filter sind per default nicht aktiviert.

    Aktiviert wird das in:


    Stehen sollte dort:

    'managesieve_plugin' => 'yes',

    Danach im Plugin Interface noch mal alle Plugins aktualisieren, dann sollte es gehen.

    Viel Erfolg!

    Oops sorry for the reply in German - but I think you will understand it anyway ;-)

    Don't forget to update the plugin in the Plugin Control page after having saved your changes to the config.php - good luck!

    Thank you!

    It's strange - to me all plugins showed as activated, checked it just before I posted.

    letsencypt and Sieve work now. OpenDKIM not at first try, but I probably have to control / re-enter the keys again. Will revert when done.

    Would you mind telling me what was the configuration error with OpenDKIM?

    Thanks again!

    I have upgraded my vserver to Debian 9 (stretch) with a complete fresh install. On the previous Debian version, all imscp services and plugins have been functioning flawlessly. imspc has been upgraded to 1.5.3. Now a number of plugins are not working as they should:

    - letsencrypt (3.3.0): there are no buttons for letsencrypt anymore, neither in the admin nor in any customer interface. The certificates exist, but some are close to expiration and I can't renew them.

    - RoundcubePlugins (2.0.2): the Sieve filters are not functional, despite having them activated in /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/RoundcubePlugins/config.php ('managesieve_plugin' => 'yes',)

    - OpenDKIM (2.0.0): external DNS server (, I have tried the key-entries both with and without quotes. Mail-tester reports "message not signed with DKIM".

    Given that 3 plugins are failing, I am suspecting an issue with the plugin-architecture as such, but I have no clue where to check this. What I have tried so far without any improvement:
    - deactivated and reactivated all plugins
    - reconfigure imscp (perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -danv)
    - reboot the vserver

    Other installed plugins: Mailman (2.0.4), PhpSwitcher (4.0.3), SpamAssassin (2.0.1)

    I would appreciate some help on this and am ready to provide logs, once I know which ones are required. Many Thanks in advance!


    I am considering to purchase the php-switcher plugin. What I can't really understand is the impact on the php-fpm, when changing the php version to a different version for one site. Will there then be a separate fpm/conf.d/ folder for that php version, and the concerned site?

    And will an already established listener file still work with a different php version, for the same site, while other sites listed in that file are on a different php version? Or are there different versions of listener files, depending on the php version in use?

    Sorry if these are stupid questions, I couldn't find an answer to this when searching the forums.


    I really like the proxy forward option for a subdomain, to reach addresses with ports other than 80 over connections that only permit port 80. Since version 1,4.7 it works for me - but only on some forwards.

    There are other forwards that don't work, although the entered forwarding address is correct and can be reached. I get an error 503. From the log:

    1. [Fri Jul 28 14:56:26.742497 2017] [proxy:error] [pid 28349:tid 140498503657216] [client my.ip.address:60914] AH00898: Error during SSL Handshake with remote server returned by /
    2. [Fri Jul 28 14:56:26.742503 2017] [proxy_http:error] [pid 28349:tid 140498503657216] [client my.ip.address:60914] AH01097: pass request body failed to destination.ip.address:5001 ( from my.ip.address ()

    What could be the cause of this misfunction?

    Thx for helpful hints

    Debian 8.9 (Jessie)
    I-MSCP 1.4.7 PHP-FPM
    LetsEncrypt 3.3.0