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    Similar issue -

    something during upgrade from Deb 8 > 9 is removing mysql 5.5.x

    so when I re-run imscp installer just to make sure all is working - it cannot find a mysql server and asks what to use....
    usually re-run installer after upgrades just to recheck dependencies and typically works well.

    find or log in / connect to mysql because it doesn't exist - I'm pretty sure.

    seems to be more an issue with Debian Upgrade path from older Jessie to Stretch and a newer issue, because did other upgrades last year with no issue for imscp idential host.

    Figure its something I'm doing wrong, which is highly likely

    going from Jessie to Stretch upgrade works fine however had an issue when i re-run the installer

    during the i-mscp install it finds no MySQL server and asks what to install maria/mysql - so would appear DB is lost during upgrade from 8 > 9

    just restore to a snap before an non-issue to get back to a working point but thought that was odd...

    wondering if there was something I messed up... but did the same thing three different times now..

    upgrade processes fine... and on other systems non-issue - this one... mysql portion of imscp-install asks for a root password and cannot find the database...

    so was thinking back in jessie how would I get the MySQL to upgrade from 5.5.62 > 5.7.x

    don't think I had this issue on a different identical system on a different network - just this older one...

    was just wonder if anyone had an idea or similar experience.

    reading through this similar thread, not far but reading if same case..

    MYSQL Issues after auto update

    Much appreciated

    Just being heard is huge.

    Know your busy and yes I apologize for coming off bad.

    Understand the potential of breakage due to updates.

    Just yesterday had an update and required min 7.1 to get running - got lucky and switched that domain (Fusion Invoice software).

    Interesting they actually shut down last year for the same reasons (one / few devs - limited time)

    Also another non-FB/insta/other.

    Just nothing there of use for me. Don't/Didnt like them changing how I set permissions every 6-8 (FB) months or changing how / what content and the order I see it in.

    Again thanks for hearing us (often at times), regardless of any releases.

    Again apologies for my offending, many of you, will try to be more respectful.

    I sure did...

    they are working on it and I respect that, the post doesn't have a date or a timeline - its been hammered in the past and oh well.

    Like a few years ago same thing - big updates and Dev's having to support 3-4 different OS installs and monitoring all the different bugs it creates... is without a Doubt a MAJOR PITA!

    "Working on it" and my adapted reading "I really don't care about some of the base of users" (because they bitch too much!?!)
    Unfortunately - IS Speaking to me - in fact to everyone when its posted, just the way it is, but I figure has every right.

    I've said it multiple times that I appreciate their work.

    I've also paid for plugins and would even consider doing a subscription but would probably rather look at a lifetime sub vs annual renewal..

    that said...

    I don't recommend trying to modify my i-mscp - (plenty of possible tweaks in How-To in community)

    I've found editing / customizing my installs and installing unsupported php above what is supported in i-mscp is BAD, because I always break it when an update is released.

    I still maintain an isp config 3 server..

    TLDR - Still prefer I-MSCP
    - Use Other for current PHP versions but not much else.


    it has current PHP 7 and updated with apt-get update via…ckages-on-debian-8-and-9/

    Read about this option from here - devs are aware of this method but only works on deb/ubuntu so not fully supported on each server - and can cause them multiple other issues without being static... makes sense why haven't gone that direction..

    has been somewhat nice that that server has the updated PHPs and current versions with bug fixes while the phpswitcher has been busy. able to use 7.2/7.3/7.4 just for testing sites.

    don't knock devs, I know you guys are busy but darn... its back a bit and I don't like ispconfig as much... but nice to have current PHP...

    tried to add those to my i-mscp install and not getting all the modules so doesn't work when I manually add... - know I"m missing something...


    Sounds like a plan

    looked like it wasn't too bad but anytime adding other repos introduces new layers of problems...

    my testing of ispc - seems to go sideways with redirect loops while mscp - seems to be holding strong and working...

    Still hoping for some External DNS tweaks supporting CF and others via APIs then beyond that some LE DNS cert GUI - like I showed awhile back that pfsense did with their ACME package - lots of work but really cool.


    but - I'm still impressed you guys are hard at work with the new mscp updates!

    Good Great work!

    would it be ~workable or break everything using something like this to have current PHP versions without having to compile ever time via phpswitcher?…ckages-on-debian-8-and-9/

    works on ispc - but wanted to check being that things are apples and oranges

    but very similar in the switcher side...

    simply give paths and make sure that you don't trash the default php path / symlink to default version / make sure that default php is set correctly...

    either way very similar in layouts...

    and just checking!


    would like to know if you guys might add or possibly show a way to use cli to request a cert based on cloudflare / other api for dns registrars.

    PFSense implemented thier ACME one based on this with a complete gui - would love to see this. (still a request but here is what theirs looks like)

    they use both normal as well as DNS-01
    Screenshot attached of their implementation. - if I understood the way to manually do via cli i would also do that.


    NGINX for the panel to do this while using external DNS is different from what I understand to implement but with the DNS method it allows securing sites that don't use standard 80-443 and gives a good alternative for setting up LE for those sites as well.

    if doing via cli would still need to make sure the gui reports SSL is enabled - just not sure how that would work either or if it would need to be reporting that.

    just fun things while you guys are working towards 1.6.x releases.

    Apologies if I missed this in - errata - entirely possible

    After upgrade to 1.4.7 seeing this error when attempting to access control panel...

    does use panel redirect plugin - and using default 8443 port - was working previously

    going direct to works fine - So not urgent

    Proxy Error
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.

    Reason: Error during SSL Handshake with remote server
    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    This only shows up on one server - older one - so I'm sure its something I did vs I-MSCP...
    but redirect doesn't work on my new one anyway

    Version 1.4.7
    Debian 8.9