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    Hi again,

    ok, in the first step I just concentrated with PHP7.1, so I have purged all PHP installations and config files (I didn't do any customizations), downloaded the latest version and started the installation with

    1. perl imscp-autoinstall -dr php

    The installer started but broke up, it even tried to install mariadb 10.1, which I did not trigger (I thought the old mysql server environment stays untouched). Also, the installer removed OpenSSL 1.1.0f and installed 1.0.2 which I used to get the latest ciphers (but kept the Apache 2.4.25 :-) ). MySQL is broken.

    Here is the error code:

    So, I guess I would need to help. I would ask you if you can make a damage report at my server (you helped me out in the past, twice, I think, your key ist still present in my ssh configs). I will definetely make a donation for your support.


    Hi you,

    thanks for your detailed reply.

    To make things clear: I am not using Debian sid, I am just using the sid source for PHP7.1 and Apache2.4.25. I am using pin priorities to stay on Stretch for all other packages. This is my preferences file:

    After reading the notes from 1.4, I should use the Ondřej Surý repository for PHP7.1 as main source and not Debian sid, shouldn't I?

    Where do I get the exact string I need to put into

    • SQL_SERVER: mariadb_10.1
    • SQL_PACKAGE: Servers::sqld::mariadb

    Ok, to summarize the upgrade I want to perform, I'll do the following:

    • Uninstall PHP7.1 from Debian sid and add the Ondřej Surý repository, install all required components
    • Install MariaDB (10.2 in my case as this is the latest stable release), migrate all databases
    • Change the strings in the imscp config file
    • Download the latest I-MSCP version
    • Run the perl imscp-autoinstall -dr php to switch to PHP7.1

    After that, everything should work as expected :-)

    Did I miss something?


    Hi everyone,

    I have a few questions about upgrading the core components of my web server, i.e. PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.1 and the replacement of MySQL with MariaDB. I have successfully completed my OS upgrade vom Debian 8.6 to Debian 9.0, I am on the sid branch for Apache 2.4.25 and the official MySQL repo. My sources.list looks like that:

    1. deb stretch mysql-5.7
    2. deb-src stretch mysql-5.7
    3. deb generic universe
    4. deb sid main non-free contrib

    The next steps I want to perform is a switch to PHP7.1, not with PHPSwitcher plugin but with the os version. I've used Debian sid as well for that. First, I had removed the PHP7.0 packages (I didn't purge it in case to roll back and have my settings) and installed 7.1! The apache2 mod was enabled, as well as the FastCGI service (FPM) was active and running. But neither the backend nor the frontend of my homepafge was accessible. I got an 503 error.

    What additional steps do I have to perform to get the back- and frontend to working?

    For MariaDB I just wanted to make a dump of all MySQL databases and import it into MariaDB. Would this work?

    The most interesting question: does I-MSCP work with PHP7.1 and MariaDB? Or will it try to install MySQL and other components?

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi all,

    I have found the SpamAssassin Plugin and was able to install it successfully following the documentation. I made the test with the specific string and the mail got rejected. However, my spam is not flagged, I assume that it is not recognized. I got about 50-70 Mails a day you see in the attached screenshot.

    I was searching for configuration options and found something like that (in German):…ilter-spamassassin-sieve/

    However, I don't want to interfer with I-MSCP configuration as the next update of I-MSCP will destroy all manual modifcations.

    I have the following questions to you:

    • How do I configure postfix with I-MSCP to move spam mails in a predefined folder based on the X-spam flag?
    • How can I train the SpamAssassin to spam such mails? I have found a tutorial (in German):…rkennungsrate-verbessern/ but it didn't work.
    • How to I get those mails from the screenshot automatically deleted?
    • How do I update the SpamAssassin database to get the latest patterns?

    Thanks for your input.