How to configure the SpamAssassin 1.1.1 plugin to filter out spam mails

  • Hi all,

    I have found the SpamAssassin Plugin and was able to install it successfully following the documentation. I made the test with the specific string and the mail got rejected. However, my spam is not flagged, I assume that it is not recognized. I got about 50-70 Mails a day you see in the attached screenshot.

    I was searching for configuration options and found something like that (in German):…ilter-spamassassin-sieve/

    However, I don't want to interfer with I-MSCP configuration as the next update of I-MSCP will destroy all manual modifcations.

    I have the following questions to you:

    • How do I configure postfix with I-MSCP to move spam mails in a predefined folder based on the X-spam flag?
    • How can I train the SpamAssassin to spam such mails? I have found a tutorial (in German):…rkennungsrate-verbessern/ but it didn't work.
    • How to I get those mails from the screenshot automatically deleted?
    • How do I update the SpamAssassin database to get the latest patterns?

    Thanks for your input.