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    Please, try with latest github ( branch 1.2.x ) or update the jessie packages file (mysql server part) to this version:…ebian/packages-jessie.xml

    Thanks. Patching this file didn't help, but Git-version has crashed on nginx setup (I saw it before will fix is tomorrow)

    BTW: The backup/restore script you're using is not supported by our team.

    I know it. I post it for example and debugging reasons to make clear what I have made. To my great regret IMHO it's the only way to make lightweight backup of whole clear i-MSCP system from dying server.

    Hi! Now I have some problems on restore i-MSCP (1.2.х) on my server
    Using backup/restore script

    1. elif [ $choice -eq 5 ] ; then echo '#### Backuping an i-MSCP ####' read -p 'Please enter the MySQL root password: ' mypass apt-get -y install bzip2 xz-utils mkdir /tmp/imscpbkp cd /tmp/imscpbkp mysqldump -u root --password=$mypass --all-databases > imscp.sql tar cvfJ www.txz /var/www/virtual tar cvfJ mail.txz /var/mail/virtual tar cvfJ config.txz /etc/imscp cd .. tar cvf imscp.bkp imscpbkp cp imscp.bkp /root/imscp.bkp echo Take it from root directory cd /root exitelif [ $choice -eq 6 ] ; then echo '#### Restoring an i-MSCP ####' read -p 'Please enter the MySQL root password: ' mypass apt-get -y install bzip2 xz-utils mkdir /tmp/imscpbkp cp /root/imscp.bkp /tmp/imscp.bkp cd /tmp tar xvf imscp.bkp cd /tmp/imscpbkp tar xvfJ www.txz -C / tar xvfJ mail.txz -C / tar xvfJ config.txz -C / mysql -u root --password=$mypass < imscp.sql rm -f /root/imscp.bkp cd /root echo Restoring complete exit

    I have an error during installing packages to the clear system (on wheezy it works great, MariaDB is preinstalled)

    What can you advise me to solve the problem?

    1. UTF-8 in Putty bugs (as you remeber that was a ticket)
    2. Fatal error: Call to a member function delete() on a non-object in /var/www/imscp/gui/library/iMSCP/Plugin/Manager.php on line 1054 - on "Delete" plugin function
    3. Translation changes for i-MSCP may touch the main screen (Please update translations at least a day before release).

    I made some script (I'm posting a bit of it)

    It works fine, but restoring a database "takes a lot of time" or doesn't work at all

    The right command is

    1. mysqldump -u root -p -all-databases > mydump.sql

    And also we need to copy /etc/imscp/imscp.conf file

    But as for now I can't restore the mysqldump (I see the query, but databases list is empty).

    Thank you. But what about plugins? As I remember, we have its configuration in the DB...

    UPD: Any advises of full backup of MySQL with all existing passwords?

    Hello. my system has been completely compromised.
    What is the minimal list of files I need to backup if I need to restore it in the another server the same IP (I'm planning to restore rights using -r option of the installer)?