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    Oups, one more... In Russia and other countries, started a national highest domain registration. For Russia it's РФ. This domains has an ability to have an UTF-8 Symbols (IDN). We need to find the better way, how to adapt the domains check.


    • php.ini edit in gui
    • ability to transfer customer/reseller from server a to server b over gui

    1. php.ini is imposible to edit in GUI, because we must restart Apache to apply changes. If we do it by cron, users will fuck our brains "Why server is crashing during upload at midnight?" :dodgy:
    2. I can add that we need a script, that has an ability to transfer whole the panel from server to server, if we need to change a hardware for example...
    3. We need to use nginx on port 81 to redirect processing from apache to have more than 300 clients on a single server.
    4. Also we may to integrate Zend Oplimiser & ioncube loader for noobie-hosters (also fuck-my-brains)
    5. We may do the panel template installer, and make custom templates for the panel (I may ask my friends)

    For now, that's all

    As for me, I'm planing to do some help files, integrated into panel itself.
    My friends can help us to create some new templates for this project.
    If you want to built in ssh plugin, some time ago, i have been wanted to built the gamepanel in. Think about that.:)