Full backup

  • Hello. my system has been completely compromised.
    What is the minimal list of files I need to backup if I need to restore it in the another server the same IP (I'm planning to restore rights using -r option of the installer)?

  • /var/www/virtual/
    Complete db Export

    It's enough to rerun the installer without any parameters to set new rights..

    PS: do also a complete backup

  • Thank you. But what about plugins? As I remember, we have its configuration in the DB...

    UPD: Any advises of full backup of MySQL with all existing passwords?

  • Export:

    1. mysqldump -root -p --all-databases > dump.sql


    1. mysql -root -p < dump.sql

    Due the plugins, just deactivate them in the exported db before import. Then after your imports and imscp installation, upload them again and activate them from the panel.

  • Wrong.
    The right command is

    1. mysqldump -u root -p -all-databases > mydump.sql

    And also we need to copy /etc/imscp/imscp.conf file

    But as for now I can't restore the mysqldump (I see the query, but databases list is empty).

  • So nice you googled it now. I wrote /etc/imscp/, it's just the complete folder...

  • I made some script (I'm posting a bit of it)

    It works fine, but restoring a database "takes a lot of time" or doesn't work at all