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    In the meantime the server is updated with RC3. Still same issue, and the XP box with connection to the server is still active for you. Could you please tell me when you are finished because the XP box is a VM created for you and it is unmanaged, so I do not know if you have been there or not.


    Ok, I am sure now that it is the issue with Advanced Microsoft Firewall.

    I made some error correction function that pick up this form for error. So in the version (ver. that you now can download, the error is picked up and a human understandable error message is displayed in the message bar in the bottom of the program.

    So for this to work in WIndows Server where Advanced Windows Firewall protect the server, you have to make a inbound firewall rule for "i-MSCP FTP Backup.exe" allowing all inbound trafic to the program.

    I found a solution.

    It is the Windows Firewall that makes the trouble.

    I made Inbound rule for the "i-MSCP FTP Backup.exe" that allowed all inbound connections. That should make it work on Windows Servers protected with Windows Firewall.

    I will try to make some error correction to pick up the error and give a human understandable message. When tested I will announce it here, and you can download a new copy from the link in the first post.

    I have seen this when we ran the program on a Server 2008 - I never debugged this, but it now makes me curious.

    Just to humer me - what OS do you use? Do you have any form for firewall?

    I will try to run it again on the Server 2008 and se if I can find a solution!

    The program is primary made for getting the backup files made by the i-MSCP web server. These files is placed in the /backups on the i-MSCP server of a site. Normally there is probably 2 files in that folder (a "bz2" packed db file and a "bz2" packed file containing all site files). I would like to know what exactly you are downloading.

    We have tested this with a setup of 38 domains in the XML settings file where some of the domains contained files bigger than 500Mb, and no errors occurred.

    I can't reproduce this.