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    We have now been testing the setup for a few days, and maybe we just misunderstand the idea about the -1 (disable) email accounts when setting up a Hosting Plan.

    When we setup a Hosting Plan with -1 (disabled) email accounts, and then trying do upgrade a customer to a new Hosting Plan (again with no email acounts), we get the following error: "You have more e-mail addresses in use than the new hosting plan limits."

    This is of cource strange because the fact that the customer never was assigned the email accounts.

    So where is the problem, annd how is it possible to make Hosting Plans without email accounts enabled?

    (You probably ask why we do not want customers have email accounts. But that is very logic. We do not use the email server functions on the webserver. All email accounts are either Exchange or MailEnabled accounts!)


    First I make a reseller.
    Then under that reseller I make a hosting plan
    Then I add a new customer with that hosting plan. The customer status is the hanging.

    I have to say that I have an other server with ubuntu 12 (test server) and here it works ok.

    It is OK - I understand this issue, so if we want - we can do!

    I have installed the new server and the installation went OK. I think I have to try again because when adding a domain, the status keep saying "Addition in progress". I have now tried 2 domains with same status hanging!



    We have the last week conducted some installation scenarios, and have had good experiences with i-MSCP But every time we try to install the Github version, we get the same error as described here in this thread.

    We have tried these different scenarios:

    1 Installed Github version as initial installation
    2 installed and then upgraded to Github version

    In both cases we get the same error when we try to install Github imscp-master

    We use 10.04 Lucid Lynx LTS as it is at the moment the only one we can use when we need an LTS with a paravirtualized core.
    And the only stable version which also runs flawlessly with the Xen and XenTools is 10.04.

    We are happy to have found your hosting panel and would really like to go with this in the future, but it is essential to be able to upgrade.

    Do you have any schedule to fix this or do you have any good ideas how to fix this.

    Regards Michael