bug while deleting subdomain with main domain as mount point.

  • Hi,

    Just a short message about a bug I discovered after a user experienced it ; I didn't think it has been reported yet, at least, didn't find it.

    If we create a subdomain with a mount point to the main domain and then, we delete this subdomain, all data will be wiped for the whole domain (except /logs which are locked (in use)).

    For exemple:
    - Customer domain is "test.test"
    - I create a subdomain "sub.test.test" with a mount point "test.test"
    - Now I delete the subdomain "sub.test.test" => All data are wiped in /var/www/virtual/test.test

    YouTrac already done, for Ref : https://youtrack.i-mscp.net/issue/IP-1396

    @Nuxwin ==> I can give you the entire access to my test server if needed. No production data, only for testing.

  • I'll investigate today ;)


  • Faced this issue today with 1.2.9...

    For those, who unfamilliar with bugtracking system...

    File: /var/www/imscp/engine/PerlLib/Modules/Subdomain.pm

    Line 248 find : SHARED_MOUNT_POINTS => $self->_sharedMountPoint(),
    Change to: SHARED_MOUNT_POINT => $self->_sharedMountPoint(),

    Then go to admin/imscp_debugger.php and click last queue to re-run it.

    Hope fix will be included in future releases.

  • @abs0lut3

    It is already in 1.3.x branch. We are late because 1.3.x include several changes.