Web server is hanging

  • Hello,
    My web server will auto hang.The apache service is running but web page can't see.
    I have to see error log.It's show


    server reached MaxRequestWorkers setting, consider raising the MaxRequestWorkers setting

    Could I adjust MaxRequestWorkers setting?How to adjust it?

  • Thread moved. Just increase the MaxRequestWorkers apache2-setting. Search on web, there are a lot of examples, also where you can find the file you need to edit :)

  • Hello,
    This system is Ubuntu 14.04 and i-MSCP 1.2.9
    The system haven't install owncloud.


    root@cloud:/etc/apache2# dpkg -l php5-apcu
    dpkg-query: no packages found matching php5-apcu

    I think haven't install php5-apcu.

  • Ok, thanks for your response. I have asked because their is a bug in php5-apcu. It would have to be that you're affected by it.


  • @Backdraft007 the apcu bug just affects, that fcgid is not working anymore correctly. Here he just need to increase his MaxRequestWorkers. It's a standard task for administrators to increase/decrease limits.

  • Here is a good link for apache optimization.
    Increasing MaxRequestWorkers is one thing but it is also important to set a limit for MaxRequestPerChilds. Standard value is 0 which means a child server process will never expire. This may bring the server on the knees if there is a brute force attack.

    i-MSCP 1.5.3 | Ubuntu 18.04