Apache2 permission problem (libapache2-mod-php5)

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    I checked your server. As I've said previously, "All here is about @tilicar mistakes.".
    You are doing things on your server without knowing what you're doing and after, you say:

    Quote from tilicar

    You will tell me maybe: "hey, it is a wordpress problem not I-MSCP". No it is not !
    Why at version 1.2.3 work perfect and now not ?

    This is so easy to point i-MSCP without thinking more...

    To resume

    In your /etc/imscp/imscp.conf file, I can read:

    1. HTTPD_SERVER = apache_fcgid

    This means that i-MSCP is configured to use the apache_fcgi httpd server implementation. However, when I look at the phpinfo() result, I can read:

    1. Server API Apache 2.0 Handler

    This means that the SAPI in use is not the CGI/FastCGI, which is required when you use the i-MSCP apache_fcgid httpd server implementation, but the Apache 2.0 Handler (php_mod). This explains why you have so many permission problems. Permissions are set according the i-MSCP httpd server implementation and you cannot change things manually without thinking a bit.

    To be more clear, the problem here is due to the fact that your are using the php5 apache2 module (Apache 2.0 Handler SAPI) with the mpm_prefork apache2 module. Thus, all PHP scripts (for all your customers) are run by the www-data user. i-MSCP allows to use the php5 apache2 module (Apache 2.0 Handler SAPI) only with the mpm_itk apache2 module which allows to run PHP scripts using unix users created by i-MSCP.

    @Backdraft007 was right about user/group problem there...

    So now what?

    Should I fix your server or just ignore you? I like help people but I don't like to loose my time with those that are doing things without think more, even more when they come here after to cry that something don't work "because i-MSCP" when the reality is that the problems come from their own hands...

    Well, I'll fix your server for the last time but you must be aware that there will be a time where we'll simply ignore you.


  • @tilicar

    Here is the proof of your stupidity:

    In your /root/.bash_history, I can read:

    1. ...
    2. wget https://github.com/i-MSCP/imscp/archive/1.2.9.tar.gz
    3. tar xzf 1.2.9.tar.gz
    4. cd imscp-1.2.9/
    5. apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
    6. perl imscp-autoinstall -d
    7. apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5
    8. exit

    So here, you updated to i-MSCP 1.2.9 and just after, you forced installation of the libapache2-mod-php5 module (php5 apache2 module) while i-MSCP is configured to use fcgid... Can you explain us why you installed the libapache2-mod-php5 manually?

    Well, I'll wait your answer and explainations before doing anything more on your server because here I'm stunned...


  • And why you haven't told us your modifications at beginning of this thread?

    PS: I never had such problem, you may have a configuration problem. For you it should be easier to purge apache2 +fcgid and rerun the installer.

  • because every time i install/ update I-MSCP the clients sites show me the php code instead run php. I look on the internet and i found the solution to install libapache2-mod-php5 .

    So, you're changing things without really knowing what you're doing and once done, you come here to cry.. Better was to ask us about that first problem..
    I'll now fix your server but please, do not install something manually again, else, you'll not get further support from us.


  • @tilicar

    Your server is now working with fcgid.

    Please, do not reinstall the php5-apcu package as long as this bug: http://youtrack.i-mscp.net/issue/IP-1391 is not fixed.


  • Please sorry for my crying's but i din't know it is a bug.
    I don't cry. I try to explain my server problems and I hope someone can help me. 1.2.8 got few bugs and I tough it is a bug.

    PS: Thank you for helping me !

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  • @tilicar

    The permission problems were not due to the bug I mention. The permission problems were due to your stupidity.