mysql-server öffentlich erreichen über eine Domain oder IP

  • @kevgr196

    DId you changed bind-address = to bind-address = in your /etc/mysql/my.cnf file and restarted the MySQL server? If this is not the case, do that and then, you should be able to connect from remote server using MySQL server IP.


  • Hello @Nuxwin,

    so i have looking this.
    The bind-adress is standard on
    I have set on # bind_adress and now is going.

    Thank you very Mutch for the help :D

    Ich habe dies nun angeschaut und standard war bind-adress
    Ich habe nun vor bind_adress die # gesetzt "# bind_adress
    Jetzt funktioniert alles einwandfrei

    Vielen Dank! :D


  • @biologist

    This approach can cause slow-downs. As long as the passwords are strong, I don't see any problem to make the MySQL server listening on public interfaces.


  • Hmm, I think the question is, if this is gonna be a permanent link (e.g. for a website) or just for administrative purposes using the mysql-client. I prefer to hide as many services as possible from public access as this potentially prevents zero-day-exploits.