Monitorix Plugin unknown error

  • Imscp Version 1.2.0 on debian 7 (fresh install from today)

    Error message:


    An unexpected error occurred:

    Plugin::Monitorix::_restartDaemonMonitorix: Unable to umask 022: Unpassender IOCTL (I/O-Control) für das Gerät at /usr/bin/monitorix line 97.

    Sorry for the german error message - the system has locales de_DE

  • It's already a known error. Some threads already exists. It's because monitorix's using the same ports as nginx..

  • Nice. exists a fix? I found no hints about a fix... or i searched with wrong keywords...

  • Hello ;

    @Ninos The bug reported by @Chrissio has nothing to do with Nginx ;) This bug is due to umask. I've fixed the bug already in my working copy. I'll commit asap.

    CHANGELOG for next monitorix version will be

    • Added: Dedicated monitorix configuration file ( /etc/monitorix/conf.d/20-imscp.conf )
    • Added: bin_path, cgi_script_path and confdir_path configuration parameters
    • Added: Localization support
    • Changed: The default monitorix configuration file is now left untouched
    • Fixed: Monitorix CGI script must be left untouched
    • Fixed: Plugin is not compatible with i-MSCP 1.2.x
    • Fixed: Unable to restart monitorix ( umask issue )

    This involved a rewrite of the plugin backend part so some test are needed before releasing ;)