Install error last stable release

  • I have an error on Debian 7 and php5-fpm have modified the configuration files to put other ports and panel not respond :

  • Other ports which are?

    Post your /etc/imscp/imscp.conf file please... ( in private if you prefers )


  • @kurgans

    Not a bug ;) You used default ports (80 and 443) which are reserved for apache2.. Please choose another ports and rerun the installer. If you want kept panel access over default ports, you must install the plugin as stated in the errata file.


  • Sorry for my English

    Hi friends, sorry for the post does not understand the new concept of burden of our panel and not fully read the documentation, has led to my error.

    Sorry, the update and access work properly updated to version 1.2

    Greetings to all and thanks for your understanding

    Thanks for @Nuxwin your patience

  • As for me I have had the same problem. I have monitorix web server on port 8080 (maybe from dependences), I've just removed it, then no such error.

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  • @DragonZX

    This is because the plugin is not from my hand and so, I cannot provide any guarantee for compatibility if I don't use it ;) Once the problem is reported, I can find a solution and post it ;)