Apache 00_mail.conf

  • ? :D Just upload it and access the panel as you know via port 80 or 443...
    With the plugin it schould be possible to use your old 00_mail.conf. Just add it to /etc/apache2/imscp/before/. Otherwise and I recommend it, you schould change the config to:

    1. <VirtualHost IP:80> ServerName mail.example.org ServerAlias mail.* ServerAdmin [[email protected]][email protected][/email] ProxyPass / http://admin.example.org:8080/webmail/ ProxyPassReverse / http://admin.example.org:8080/webmail/</VirtualHost>

    Or if you're using ssl per default

    This also works without using the PanelRedirect plugin...

  • Thanks for guidance, but before I do something strange software risk breaking something I Ask about.

    10x again to solve.. :)

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