Translation Errors of i-MSCP

  • I found the following errors while translate:
    # imscp/gui/client/domain_manage.php
    'TR_DOMAINS' => Domains, => 'TR_DOMAINS' => tr('Domains'),
    'TR_CREATE_DATE' => Creation date, => 'TR_CREATE_DATE' => tr('Creation date'),
    'TR_EXPIRE_DATE' => Expire date, => 'TR_EXPIRE_DATE' => tr('Expire date'),

    Missing from the original pot file (I do not know to translate):

    # functions.ticket_system.php
    set_page_message(tr('You have no tickets open.'), 'info');
    set_page_message(tr('You have no tickets closed.'), 'info');

    # sw-functions.php
    $tpl->assign('SW_STATUS', tr('activated (Softwaredepot)'));
    $tpl->assign('NO_RESELLER', tr('No reseller with activated software installer found!'));
    $tpl->assign(array('NO_SOFTWARE' => tr('No software is waiting for activation')));
    'NO_RESELLER' => tr('No Reseller with permissions for this software found'),
    'NO_RESELLER_AVAILABLE' => tr('No Reseller available to add the permissions'),
    'TR_MESSAGE_REMOVE' => tr('Are you sure to remove the permissions ?', true),
    'ALL_RESELLER_NAME' => tr('All reseller'),
    'RIGHTS_LINK' => tr('Rights'),
    $tpl->assign('SOFTWARE_NEED_DATABASE', tr('required'));
    $tpl->assign('SOFTWARE_NEED_DATABASE', tr('not required'));
    'SOFTWARE_STATUS' => tr('installed'),
    tr('not installed'),
    $tpl->assign('DEL_SOFTWARE_ACTION', tr('Uninstall'));
    'TR_DEL_SOFTWARE' => tr('Installed Package which was deleted by your reseller.'),
    'SOFTWARE_DEL_RES_MESSAGE' => tr('This Package (%s, V%s) was deleted by your reseller. You can only uninstall this package!<br />Please delete the files and database for this package manually!', $software_name, $software_version),

    # client-functions.php
    return tr('Domain mail');
    return tr('Email forward');
    return tr('Alias mail');
    return tr('Alias forward');
    return tr('Subdomain mail');
    return tr('Subdomain forward');
    return tr('Alias subdomain mail');
    return tr('Alias subdomain forward');
    return tr('Domain mail');
    return tr('Domain mail');
    return tr('Unknown type');

    # reseller-functions.php
    return tr('Addition in progress');
    return tr('Modification in progress');
    return tr('Deletion in progress');
    return tr('Suspended');
    return tr('Being enabled');
    return tr('Being suspended');
    return tr('Awaiting approval');
    return tr('Unknown error');

    # shared-functions.php
    tr('Vendor hompage')
    'TR_PACKAGE_INSTALL' => tr('Start installation'),
    set_page_message(tr("No update for the websoftware depot list available"), 'warning');
    set_page_message(tr("Websoftware depot list was updated"), 'info');
    'sLengthMenu' => tr('Show %s records per page', true, '_MENU_'),
    'sZeroRecords' => tr('Nothing found - sorry', true),
    'sInfo' => tr('Showing %s to %s of %s records', true, '_START_', '_END_', '_TOTAL_'),
    'sInfoEmpty' => tr('Showing 0 to 0 of 0 records', true),
    'sInfoFiltered' => tr('(filtered from %s total records)', true, '_MAX_'),

  • Thanks. I'll have a look ASAP.


  • I found the following errors while translate:
    # admin/custom_menus.php
    'AR' => 'Admininistrator and Reseller levels' => tr('Admininistrator and Reseller levels')
    'AC' => 'Administrator and customer levels' => tr('Administrator and customer levels')
    'RC' => 'Reselller and customer levels' => tr('Reselller and customer levels')
    'TR_ADD' => 'Add' => tr('Add')

  • Visual BUG in russian translate:
    1) problem with long string
    Attachment screenshot: string.png

    2) problem with logo when resize browser.
    link: any
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  • all browser... As variant you can set parametr min-width in css for page. Normal work on Russian language if "min-width: 1250px;"

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