• One finger, two fingers, three fingers, four fingers, five fingers and two hands.. OUCH I've only 10 fingers... ATM all my fingers are busy with APS Standard feature. Once done, they will do another task. ;)


  • @cynric

    Maybe you could read annoucements and plugin statuses?

    Next release - 1.2.18 version replaced by 1.3.0 version
    Plugin status for 1.3.0


  • Hi Nuxwin

    I just tried the mailman-plugin 0.0.3 and would like to give my feedback:

    - it's only available in the *paid* plugin list - but there is no button to pay for this plugin...
    - after installing the plugin - the has wrong permissions/group so that postfix is not working as expected (event if the mails from mailman were sent).

    after plugin-installation:

    -rw-r----- 1 root imscp 3379 Jun 2 11:27

    but it should be:

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3379 Jun 2 11:27


  • @joximu

    The version 0.0.3 is full of bugs (worse than a simple permission problem) and not compatible with 1.3.x. The plugin has been moved to paid plugin list because newest version (not released yet) which has been rewritten from scratch will not be free.

    The new version will be released in few days.