• @BaRt there will, atm we have higher priorities for other things, e.g. twix integration. If someone want to help use, you all are welcome to create PRs :)
    There's not really big to modify for >= 1.2.x. As I know it's just because of the nginx integration into i-MSCP.

  • means no answer that there is no hope for an update?
    That would be very unlucky because getting mailman not running in side of the imscp :-(

  • @flashdrive Done when it's done. Understood?


  • Hello,

    one of our customers Asked, if it would be possible to work with a self compiled version of mailman, because the Debian package has a bug in Version 2 of Mailman and at the newest Version 3 of Mailman, this bug is solved. Its a Mail Problem with Yahoo.

    Also we can not upgrade our Webservers to the newest I-MSCP Version without Mailman functionality. Is it possible to get an Update of this Plugin?

    Yours sincerely

    Michael Schinzel