phpMyAdmin access not working - an error is thrown during authentication

  • Hi all,

    I got a new virtual root server from my hosting company. They use i-mscp for management. But phpMyAdmin is not working! I got no support from my hosting company, so you are my last hope to solve the issue as I have no experience with i-mscp at all. I'm a total novice on that. I was migrated from a shared environment to a new virtual server. Everything was set up from my hosting company (FTP accounts, mysql db, etc.) So here comes the issue:

    • I am working in the customer area. I move to "databases" and click the button "phpMyAdmin" under my database. After that, the error (see also in screenshot) is thrown: an error is thrown during authentication.
    • Alternatively, if I click on the left side on the menu on "PhpMyAdmin", I get redirected to a blank webpage with the following URL http://hostname/pma.

    Can you help me with both errors?

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Hi,

    I have read other threads. They suggested to check for old ip addresses in the bind cache files. I did that in /var/cache/bind. But there is only the current IP address.


  • Sorry for misleading you into the wrong direction. It was my assumption that the setup was not correct as it is now not working but it worked in the past on the old server. So I can't tell you what went wrong. I can just give you the current behaviour what I have described in the first post. Hope that helps.

  • @TheRiddler1982

    Please, install teamviewer and send me your IDS? I'll fix your setup.