thunderbird mail autoconfigfile

  • Cool, easy, you could do it yourself. I will test it tomorrow, thanks for the link because I didn't know this.
    would indeed be cool if this was auto-generated.

  • Hello ;

    Such feature will not be added in the 1.1.x branch. We already talked about that in other thread on our forum... I'll add this in the 2.x.x.



  • @Smallserver Tried this but the placeholders did not change (copied them in a stupid but practicable way from the index file in the standard placeholder files)... may have a look this extanded weekend :-)

    @Nuxwin i can understand that you will not add this as a core feature. But a wiki / how to would be greate. Would have written myself but my way did not work. Sorry.

  • Re;

    I've seen your branch. Don't remove it, I'll fix it (maybe this night). Would be great if you can give me push perms on your branch.