When a release become a disaster...

  • Dear community ;

    The last release was a disaster (lack of tests)... I recommend to those which have not yet updated to the 1.1.4 version to wait the next release which will be released tomorrow. I'll process further tests this night and fix all issues I've read about the release 1.1.4.

    I'm really disappointed by this bad release which is only due to my hands... :(

    Again sorry.


  • Dear Nuxwin, :) what you claim was a mess due to lack of tests of this kind, is actually, not a mess...it's just that you lacked assistants or people to help you with those sort of tests. :blush:
    On the other hand, the dedication you have had towards this proyect makes THIS mess irrelevant, since your support and work are what gives life to this proyect; having said this I don't think you should be apologizing, au contraire, WE should be apologizing to you for not giving you enough help and just waiting for your advances and continuous improvements.
    On my behalf I don't think you should be dissapointed, on the contrary, you should be glad of having such a huge proyect going on and with really few mistakes given that the overall performance of the panel is really stable. :thumbsup:

    Congratulations once more, and many thanks. ;)


  • Nuxwin, A man with that dedication is a rare thing. And a man with that knowledge and helpfulness, again a rare thing.

    I am happy to sit and translate the whole thing, but helping in developing is just not in my capabilities.

    I think that you do a tremendous job and the outcome is obvious - Everybody get's a cool and secure panel - only thanks to you and the i-MSCP core team.

    So don't apologize - no need...

    Concrete5 Denmark - CMS til alle
    Michael Jensen-Maar
    Concrete5 Danmark


  • I agree with all speakers, but why is this release still online and can installed? Should it as an consequence of the disaster not canceld, or did you fix it (cant find any info of that here)? But at all you do a great job.

  • Hello ;

    The 1.1.5 version will be released in next hours.