Disable root login for PMA

  • So symply just be creative:)

    Or crazy =O


  • If the page goes blank, just when the user sends "root" as username, he doesn't know what happened?? Also the message "no root login possible" is not a security issue, it's more akin to your example (blank page).

  • Not blank page is the result...looking about header: 204 what its work...NO Response....
    First is no response was send and after("in background") its diying(whithout blank page)

    @Nuxwin yes...crazy hungarian :P

  • It's nearly the same. I meant, that the page is not working anymore, like it should, after you type root.

  • yes...with "banning"...but with memcache or apc banning time was simple to control.
    For example...1 time root->600 sec cookie time or memcachetime...(ex: $memcache->set(md5($ip),1,false,600);)