maintainer for openSuSE

  • Hi devs!

    After asking in this thread, I'd like to volunteer for maintaining openSuSE support of i-MSCP.

    You can find the current status of my work in my github repo:

    I've abstracted some functions and implemented distro specific variants of them (e.g. enabling services, installing packages). Additionally, I've separated the non-Debian specific configuration files into a common directory and provided specific files for openSuSE.

    I tested most of the functionality already on openSuSE 12.1beta and it mostly works great so far, but a lot of additional testing is of course necessary, especially on older SuSE versions. I didn't do any SSL or IPv6 testing either.

    If someone wants to test it, you should first add the repositories "devel:languages:perl" and "Apache:Modules", as this is not yet done automatically.

  • If you finish this, I`ll test and if will work will be added to trunk. Also I officially invite you to join us (still rest of team must decide, but I think all will agree).

  • +1 for me too.


  • +2 since I've gained some weight in my vacation.

    You gained nothing (only the weight but nothing more). :P


  • I want to know the status for openSuse support, it's possible ?


  • Here's a short status update:

    I've managed to make it work on openSuSE 11.4 too, and I adapted the installation notes:…r/docs/SUSE_LINUX/INSTALL

    I also merged most of the changes from the i-MSCP repo.

    There are a few things that I plan to do before I consider it completely ready:

    • I reintroduced the post-install scripts to enable some services and change e.g. apache config in /etc/sysconfig, but now I'm not sure whether this is the right approach, as it should at some point be possible for the user to specify which services he wants to use. I don't know whether this information will be available in the maintainer scripts.
    • There is lots of potential of reducing the number of distribution-specific config files by (re)introducing some variables in the *.data files, e.g. user names like postdrop vs. maildrop for postfix.
    • As I'm no perl expert, someone should have a look at the changes I made to the perl files.
    • Still didn't test SSL and IPv6.

    Unfortunately it isn't possible to test it on SuSE 12.1 just yet, because some needed packages in devel:languages:perl are currently being rebuilt. Should be ready in a few days. But testing on SuSE 11.4 should work.