A name

  • Don't misunderstand me, i really like the idea of a fork. But is i-MSCP the best name for the project? Abbreviations aren't very memorize. Projects like Wordpress, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora use normal names for their product. And Plesk is easier to rember as i-MSCP. It's now the best time to choose a good product name. If you do this after two years you only distract the users.

  • Too late :P. Yes you are right, but already chose name and for now we do not plan to change.

  • Marcel - you can start another fork... :-)

    well, I agree... a more pronouncable name would not be bad... - but as sci2tech wrote... too late for now.


  • @Marcel

    Too late because we have already the domain names. Sorry

    But right now, instead of create new fork last suggested strongly by Joximu :huh: , you can help us to improve the current one.. ;)