Usability old config file during upgrade

  • If it's possible, please make function in installer, which use config file from old version.
    I mean paths, f.e. I have mail in /home/mail/ and www in /home/www, after upgrade all paths are /var/...
    That's uncomfortable to make changes if i have a lot of domains.

  • Hi,

    great topic. I think, the update-part of this software should be redesigned with a diff-viewer for config-files. Everytime i do an update, i have to reconfig several files. Thats not good usability. F.E. you have 100 Domains and 50 of them have custom php.ini settings, so after an update, i have to change 50 ini-Files, because the setup replace it without asking.

    Thanks, i hope you understand me.

  • Hi, same as me, I have the Owncloud and PhpPgAdmin installed in the tools directory, and with every update, they loose the permissions, and I have to reconfigure them manually.