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    You just have to change the Package-Config before you install i-MSCP.

    In "autoinstaller/Packages" choose your current distribution and change the PHP-Version you want as follows:

    1. <package post_install_tasks="sh 5.6">php-apcu</package>


    1. <package post_install_tasks="phpenmod apcu">php5.6-apcu</package>


    Hi everyone,

    Nuxwin helps me with awesome support and now the update works well.

    It was maybe a resource problem with the MySQL-Server.

    The tables domain_traffic and server_traffic was to big!

    Thanks Nuxwin and next week merry christmas!



    Ok guys!

    I find out, that under /var/lib/mysql/ was only php_ini.ibd, but no php_ini.frm, so i backup the php_ini.ibd, delete it from the directory and restart the mysql-server.

    After that, the setup worked well till next step.

    The current error:

    1. Database update 272 failed: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1025 Error on rename of './ispcp/#sql-3767_6' to './ispcp/domain_traffic' (errno: 184 - Tablespace already exists)

    What the hell?


    i want to update from 1.5.1 to 1.5.3. But following error comes:

    Debian Stretch 9.6

    There is no `ispcp`.`php_ini` in the DB.

    All plugins was deactivated before start the update.

    I know about this file. But this is not what i mean.
    I want to do the login from another programm. Like fo example from an other vhost.
    But if i should use this file, the vhost should have access to this file too.


    i want to use the userdata in an external software, programmed in php.
    I need access to the user-loginname, the user-loginpassword and the userdata like name, address etc.

    Yes i could just select the entry of the database, but the password is crypted. How can i do a login from an external php-script?
    Is there any API?