Plugin Debuger

  • Hi Laurent..
    I'd updated my virtual maschine to the latest master and uploaded the Debug Plugin.
    After activating the plugin i got this error:

    1. Unknown error: Plugin installation has failed: Unknown listener method.

    And when i set DEBUG to 1 in the /etc/imscp/imscp.conf i doesn't work any more.
    No debugging is available.


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  • Hello;

    The plugin is only compatible with my local copy for now. I'll commit my changes ASAP :P


  • Hi Laurent..
    I'd updated my VM to the latest git and uploaded the lastest git of the Debuger.
    The upload works and the folder under "/var/www/imscp/gui/plugins" appears, but no entry in the database "plugins" is available.
    Is the plugin management not ready to test?

  • Hello ;

    Should be fixed in last Git Master. See…45452dcfbd0051136fd3f2cc0

    Thanks you for your report.