CustomDNS/OpenDKIM - DNS - disappearing records

  • Hello,
    I have a strange but very irritating problem. It's about CustomDNS, and more specifically, when certain changes/modifications are made in the client panel, these entries are not saved to the zone file... I found places like:
    - LetsEncrypt certificate renewal via plugin
    - changing PHP version via plugin
    Only entries from the template are generated, but CustomDNS from the database and the OpenDKIM plugin, which also has records saved in the database, also do not have it in CustomDNS...

    Have any of you found a cure for this symptom? I must admit that it is irritating when the LetsEncrypt certificate is renewed after 2 months and or I need to change the PHP version, I have to remember to add or remove something in CustomDNS so that the full zone file is built correctly.
    The DNS template itself is too poor for me and I have to have additional records that simply disappear...
    The logs don't say much.
    Rebuilding the entire panel also helps to fix the lack of additional records in all domains, however, this is also burdensome on more dense servers where this process takes a while...

  • Hey,

    If by "Custom DNS", you mean the use of the "Add a custom DNS record" (https:// PANEL/client/dns_add.php), well, for me that I've both OpenDKIM and PHPSwitcher (and also Let'sEncrypt), I never experienced such an issue (and I changed a lot of time the PHP Version in use since the initial setup :)

    So I'm afraid that I'll not be able to help you on your issue.

    But, if you did modified some DNS listener file, this could be a bad implementation in those plugins, where the listener is not... listened (that's the only thing I can think of).

  • Hello,
    even when I installed a new Debian 11 Bullseye server with panel 1.5.3 2018 12/08/00 and added LetsEncrypt and PhpSwitcher, it behaves the same way... Nothing was modified and yet the DNS zone seemed to compile differently. Interestingly, the template file is compiled without the domain note in each record, but when I do not touch PhpSwitcher or LetsEncrypt and do not renew certificates, the zone is generated with each record with the domain note as the full name of the record and not just its abbreviation, which then uses the $ORIGINATE property. It's strange for me... that when I add CustomDNS manually, I have records in long form, and when I click LetsEncrypt/PhpSwitcher, I have short records, only one name and one level.

    In the attachment you have a screenshot of mcdiff of both zone files after compilation. For security reasons, I do not disclose the domain and IP addresses.

    Notice the absence of test and test2 records as IN A that are added in CustomDNS.

  • Debian 11, risky with this panel as with the last version published was to support Deb9, with some little to no-changes, you could go to Deb10 (which I'm using, still with LTS support, that's why I'm still using it), but Debian 11, there might be some changes to get a full support.

  • Had (*) the same problem. Indeed, every time certs were renewed, dns-entries were missing. I ended up in monitoring for missing entries and if that was the case, I triggered the zone's recreation. For sure this didn't fix the root cause but the result was ok for me.

    (*): Recently migrated to Keyhelp. imscp is dead.