ipv6 connections - what is needed?

  • i would like to make all services available via ipv6 in addition to ipv4, what is required for this - are there already listener files which can be used to allow connections for both?

  • Make sure to add your IPv6-IP/net to /etc/network/interfaces (at least this is true for Ubuntu).

    Regarding imscp it's basically two files:

    10_apache2_dualstack.pl => add your IP

    20_named_dualstack.pl=> add your IP

    10_postfix_tuning.pl => add your directives (described below)

    For postfix you need to add:

    smtp_bind_address6 = <your_IPv6>

    inet_protocols = all

    => http://www.postfix.org/IPV6_README.html

    Dovecot might already work out of the box.

    If not: add your directive to 40_dovecot_tweaks.pl.

    As far as I remember for proftpd I didn't change anything.

  • many thanks!

    postfix is already running I use:

    inet_protocols = ipv4, ipv6

    you can check ipv6 from here:


    should I add the 20_named_dualstack.pl when external NS are used?


  • the current ipv6 entry for the panel looks like this

    1. # /etc/nginx/sites-available/00_master_ssl.conf
    2. # SECTION IPv6 BEGIN.
    3. listen [::]:8443 default_server ipv6only=on;
    4. # SECTION IPv6 END.

    this wildcard entry does not seem to work and shows an invalid certificate message

    shouldn't it contain the complete ipv6 address instead of listen [::]?

  • Because of the use of external DNS, I have created an internal A and AAAA record in the panel for the ipv4 & ipv6 panel domain name, then I revoked the letsencrypt certificate and applied for a new one, now it works!