Sub domain Error to use and Delete

  • My website Use Ubuntu Server With 1.5.3 (build 2018120800)
    now it can't use subdomain web for my school.
    And can't delete web is new create.
    Help me please . Tank a lot.


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  • Let's begin with firing up the script: /var/www/imscp/engine/imscp-rqst-mngr -v

    and let's see what the log says

    Now i restore esxi server to snapshot point error before update.
    I use i-MSCP 1.5.3
    Build: 20180516
    Codename: Ennio Morricone

    and this is log.
    Thank you.

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  • it's error before update to 1.5.3 (build 2018120800)

    I think can repair by update but it same error website can't open.
    My Website main domain 1 web can use :
    All subdomain can't use it.

    Can help me what do you want to use for edit error.
    thank you.

  • I know, english is difficult when it's not your main language, but to be honnest, it's hard to understand your issue at the moment.

    Also, you didn't follow the rules in posting your request ==> Reporting rules - Reminder

    Then, if your profile is up-to-date for your Linux environment, which is "Ubuntu Precise Pangolin", release 12.04 (which is out of support since April 2017), well, it's not officialy supported by the latest i-MSCP release available.


    Version 1.5.3 (build 2018120800)

    Supported Ubuntu versions

    Ubuntu Trusty Thar 14.04
    Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04
    Ubuntu Bionic Beaver 18.04

  • Btw, as I can see, there are a lot of domains in your domains table, that are not resolving to an IP address, so you also have a DNS problem…

    And… Why is there a message saying that you are using vesta instead of i-MSCP ?