Creating an automatic app installer script

  • Hi Friends,
    I'm thinking about creating an auto installer for WP on my host running i-MSCP. Could anybody give me some ideas how to start? I don't know much about Perl Script but quite ok on PHP & JavaScript, also a beginner on Python but I'd like to try. I'm sure with good manuals and enough examples, I can learn it quickly. If I fail, I'd still gain some knowledge but if I success then everyone will benefit.

  • Hello Tonezzz

    I think this would be a great idea for the i-MSCP rewrite with laravel. You could make a plugin out of it.

    I don't know much about automatic installations but I've found this example in the web

    Another option would be Softacolous or a similar software (which is open source).

  • Thanks suhype,
    I think I've seen this code somewhere too, that's how I get inspired. Seems like it'll automatically download Wordpress then unzip and setup configuration. It'll for sure save time and a good start for me as a newbie.
    What I'm thinking is to further integrated with i-MSCP. Perhaps I can make it as a plugin to automatically create a database (with user, password & etc) then pass the necessary info to this Wordpress installation script and Bam! you have Wordpress installation in just a few clicks. I've seen some automatic WP installation script for i-MSCP before but all of them are very old and doesn't work anymore.