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    Nach einer gewissen Zeit hier wieder mal vorbei geschaut, wie es mit dem rewrite auf laravel aussieht und musste erschreckend diesen Thread finden.

    Ich hoffte schon schon seit längerer Zeit auf diesen Schritt, damit endlich mehr Leute an diesem Projekt arbeiten können. So wie es nun aber aussieht wird dieser Schritt nicht mehr von nuxwin gemacht. Das problem an der Sache ist keiner sonst kennt vermutlich die Software gut genug, um Sie gesund und dauerhaft auf dieser alten Technologie zu warten.

    Mein Vorschlag wäre daher - sollten sich alle Befürchtungen bewahrheiten - ein Fork in Form eines Rewrites zu lancieren (was ich mir seit einiger Zeit bereits am überlegen bin). Ich bin auch gerne bereit ein solches Projekt zu übernehmen, dazu bräuchte ich aber zusätzliche (wo-)men power...

    Nice to hear that :-) I think Vue.js and Laravel are quite popular and the right choice.

    For authentication Laravel Sanctum (which provides Session and JWT) or Laravel Passport (later for OAuth support) comes to my mind.


    I will try to provide an understandable specification for everyone in the next few days regarding rewriting.

    Could you already write a specification?

    Hello Tonezzz

    I think this would be a great idea for the i-MSCP rewrite with laravel. You could make a plugin out of it.

    I don't know much about automatic installations but I've found this example in the web

    Another option would be Softacolous or a similar software (which is open source).

    Hello BigBen

    Do you have the latest i-mscp version installed?

    Are you able to install the version you already used before? Don't forget to make a backup before.

    For me it looks like the database (or rather the tables for the phpswitcher plugin) is inconsistency.

    Currently I don't use the plugin but have worked with it a while, so I can't exactly say what's the problem.


    Thank you very much for the reply. I also think Laravel is the right desicion. And it would be cool if I could use my knowledge to help you with the API design and the implementation as I have some experience with this.

    I also have one project with API and Vuejs in the frontend and I'm not sure if it's the right desicion as it has a lot of overhead. In the other hand you have a lot of freedom.

    I just can think of Angular as another good choice.

    Nuxwin , I like the idea of a rewrite with Laravel and Vuejs.

    I've already asked you if there are mor infos (Laravel rewrite), but if we don't get any informations about the rewrite we can't help you.

    How can I help to maintain the new source code?

    Shouldn't we discuss if Laravel + Vuejs is the best solution?

    What's about the design and principles of the software, before we start coding?

    Which modules/functionality should the software contain (API, multiserver, plugin system, etc.)?

    There's a lot more which should be discussed in collective. Maybe you do that already but people which are new to this project can't see that and it's very hard to get on. Otherwise this project will stay a one-man-show and the problem that nobody can maintain the main code will persist.