Mail server reverse DNS problems

  • Hi all,

    I've got the following problem and looking to find a work around.

    My ISP is pretty lame and don't run their own DNS servers. They have assigned me a fixed IP address but can't create obviously a PRT reserve DNS entry for me. Im running I-MSCP and my mail server is being reject by many hosts due to not having a reverse dns lookup entry. Is there any workaround for this as my ISP told me it will take a long time for them to setup their DNS own server.


  • Is there a way I can configure I-MSCP to forward all email to another I-IMCP server which has a correct PRT record setup? So mine won't be the internet facing email server?



  • Ok. So I could use my server to receive incoming mail without the PRT record and for all outgoing relay it to my mates server¿?

    @KE, Do I would need to add my mates email server domain name to the SPF record for all my domains I host? Can this be done vis the DNS modifiers in the control panel?

  • I gave you the right solution in my first answer to your question.

    As far as I can see, you like having problems or to invent some new ways to find new methods to generate problems.

    The standard SPF record permits e-mail sending through the server itself, if you want to add a relay you have to tell the SPF record that this relay exists. There are some ways in order to achieve that, through IP, through name, through include, etc.

    I don't know what you are doing, I don't know which is the actual situation, I don't know your actual structure. You are the person in charge, you are the person who should know what's happening… At least, you should be the person (as a system administrator) who should know how SMTP (and all dependencies like SPF, DKIM, DNS, etc.) protocol works.