Error al instalar facturascript

  • Al instalar facturascript me pide el módulo bcmath, lo he instalado desde apt-get, pero al darle al phpinfo desde el panel, no me aparece que esté instalado.

    Este es el error que me tira

    You don't have the bcmath PHP extension installed.

  • Good morning,

    Not i-MSCP related but...

    1. root@jessie64:/# aptitude search bcmath
    2. p php-bcmath - Bcmath module for PHP [default]
    3. i php5.6-bcmath - Bcmath module for PHP
    4. i php7.0-bcmath - Bcmath module for PHP
    5. i php7.1-bcmath - Bcmath module for PHP
    6. p php7.2-bcmath - Bcmath module for PHP
    7. i php7.3-bcmath - Bcmath module for PHP
    8. i php7.4-bcmath - Bcmath module for PHP

    Basically put, you need install the package through APT... and restart the FPM instance if you make use of the i-MSCP httpd fpm server implementation..

    You don't give further details regarding your production system (distribution, codename, i-MSCP version, usage of the PhpSwitcher plugin or not, involved PHP version..) and so, we cannot give further instructions.