PhpSwitcher 5.0.0 - php-imagick compilation failure with php 7.3 (compiled)

  • Maybe if it's interesting:

    The imscp-Installation is very old ( I think 2-3 years) and has been updated whenever there was a new version.

    phpswitcher was working well before the update, compiling was no problem even after the update, no errors. But when I tried to install or enable several mods there were many errors for missing packages, even php-intl wasn't working out of the box, and I guess that's not the usual behavior ;-) I were able to detect the missing packages except the one for imagick with php7.3 . there were missing packages for all the new installed versions php 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 . I haven't tested 7.4 yet.

  • Just in case, as I use PHPSwitcher (5.0.2) and also running on Debian 9.11:

    1. root@:# apt-cache search imscp
    2. imscp-psw-php7.1-runtime-dependencies - Runtime dependencies for PHP 7.1
    3. imscp-psw-php5.6-runtime-dependencies - Runtime dependencies for PHP 5.6
    4. imscp-psw-php7.4-runtime-dependencies - Runtime dependencies for PHP 7.4
    5. imscp-psw-php7.3-runtime-dependencies - Runtime dependencies for PHP 7.3
    6. imscp-psw-php7.2-runtime-dependencies - Runtime dependencies for PHP 7.2
    7. imscp-psw-php7.0-runtime-dependencies - Runtime dependencies for PHP 7.0
    8. imscp-psw-php5.3-runtime-dependencies - Runtime dependencies for PHP 5.3

    I did have all installed on my system.

    Thank you for your feedback. That's much appreciated. So basically put, it seme that Sharko has done something wrong...

    Please Sharko Update your i-MSCP version to latest version, then uninstall/reinstall the PhpSwitcher plugin and rebuit all PHP versions. The runtime dependencies package should be installed as part of the process. The missing packages are due to absence of the runtime dependency packages.


  • uhm, pleaso correct me if I'm wrong, but when apt-cache search imscp is not finding anything, that wouldn't help. Or should a installation add a new source to apt?

    Please Sharko Update your i-MSCP version to latest version

    my version is the latest stable version, or am I wrong?