PHPSwitcher 5.0 - Customer PHP Info lead to 404 page ?

  • Hi everyone,

    Special one for Nuxwin :D (or any other that would have the info):

    On customer end, when you get in Domain ==> PHP Switcher, you have the ability to get the PHP Info for any enabled PHP Version.

    When you select one, it open some kind of popin window, but in my case, this only lead to a 404 page :'(

    The URL of this specific page is :


    But... I didn't find this file in that web folder "shared" : /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/PhpSwitcher/frontend/shared/phpinfo-static.php

    Either there is a missing link, or there is a special config in NGinx (I didn't check that one yet).

    What did I miss there ?

    ## i-MSCP version info

    Version = 1.5.3

    Build = 2018120800

    CodeName = Ennio Morricone

    PluginApi = 1.5.0

    OS : Debian 9.11

    Thanks <3

  • Good evening,

    There is maybe a bug regarding that part when using the FCGID server. I'll check and fix if needed but my recommendation: Switch to the FPM httpd server implementation.


  • Nuxwin

    Added the Label to be investigated
  • I tried to switch to FPM, but sites were loading more slowly (or even failed to load at all), and didn't catch time to troubleshoot that one yet.

    This is just a little functionnality which is failing there and we didn't have that much customers so, we could handle this for now, they can live with a 404 page :D (if they "even" look at it)

    Get a look at it when you have some spare time, no emergency AT ALL ;)

  • Nuxwin

    Set the Label from to be investigated to patched
  • Athar

    Fixed in our git repository. The fix will be part of version 5.0.1. For now: