IMSCP Daemon port ändern

  • Hallo,

    sorry, hab leider keinen Thread dazu gefunden, aber kann ich den imscp_daemon port ändern?

    Aktuell benutzt imscp_daemon den Port 9876 - dieser wird aber von einem anderen Dienst benutzt, weshalb ich diesen gerne ändern würde.

    Geht das?

    Debian Stretch 9.8

    IMSCP 1.5.3

    Vielen Dank



  • Good evening,

    This is not possible without edit the daemon source and recompiling it... The port is also hardcoded in clients.... Which software use that port exactly?


  • Good morning Nuxwin,

    it's a Acronis-Backup-Agent which i planned to use for the daily backup of the whole server.

    Also Acroni-Support is mentioned that it is not possible to move/change the port...

    Let's see. Perhaps I use another Backup-Tool!?!

    Do you have a good suggestion?

    Thanks for the feedback



  • This will be possible in next maintenance release.

    See the related commits: See