HSTS bug with LetsEncrypt only on subdomain ?

  • Hi Nuxwin and HB to you (don't buy a car :D ),

    I'm faced to an issue, which I'm unsure why it happen.

    Steps to reproduce :

    - Get into any customers

    - Create a subdomain

    - In LetsEncrypt, request a certificate for this newly created subdomain (after a few minutes for DNS replication)

    - Go back to the subdomain, SSL Management then enable HSTS

    There, I get :

    - An unexpected error occur.

    - An email with this content :

    As you can see, I can't go further, I don't even get the SQL query :/

    For the test, I did create another subdomain for which I have a Comodo cert.

    Did add the certificate to that subdomain, then after, enable HSTS, it work.

    There might be something wrong between Letsencrypt plugin and subdomain.

    LetsEncrypt on a base domain is working just fine for HSTS, only subdomain seems impacted.

    What can I do to troubleshot this error ?

    Versions :

    Debian 9.8 up-to-date

    I--MSCP 1.5.3-2018120800

    LetsEncrypt : 3.5.0

    PHP Fcgi

  • Good evening bro,

    Can you create an issue on our bug tracker? There is maybe a bug... One bug = One issue ;)


  • Athar

    Thx bro ;)