will redirect to router

  • Hi have installed i-mscp on a debian 9 server. Has installed i-mscp with ssl og control panel. Have made portforward to the server on port 8443. When I am trying to access via it will show me routerlogin and not i-mscp login.

    When I am using the servers local ipaddress it works.

    What should I do so I can access it.

  • Good morning,

    This has nothing to do with i-MSCP. If you cannot access the control panel locally, that's either because you have not setup your router correctly or because that last doesn't support NAT loopback.

    One thing you could try is to setup a DMZ instead of makeing NAT/PAT.


  • Hi,

    The server is set in DMZ zone.

    I can connect with local ipaddress on port 8443. But not with https://panel., it redirect to the router login.

    I tried to install I-mscp without SSL and it worked perfectly. No issue. Only then it is installed with ssl on panel.

  • Hmm, change port to 8083 on portforwarding and I was able to connect to i-mscp. Thanks for support. Why port 8443 will redircet to gateway/router I did not found out.