Lets Encrypt Renew - Certificate not accepted

  • Dear all,

    when my Mail-Service Lets Encrypt Certificates are renewed I always get a problem on Andorid or iOS because the new certficate is not directly accepted. I have to delete the mail account and add it again. The certificate itself was renewed correctly.

    Do you know why?

    Debian 9 64bit

    Imscp 1.5.x

    Lets encrypt 3.5.0

  • Good morning

    What the IMAP/POP server implemementation you're using? Dovecot? Courier?

    You encounter the problem when exactly? When sending or receiving?


  • Dovecot, while receiving. But doenst make a difference cause the error is the same for sendung as well. You can resolve the issue by deleting the account from your mobile an readding it, until the next certificate renew

  • We need more info.

    Apps name and version (ios, android)

    exact error message



  • ciscllc yeah good guess I had the same idea, it just doesnt work to accept the new certfificate, cause it wont get accepted. you have to delete readd the account

    Nuxwin standard ios mail app, error code is not present right now, i will try to create a mail account and renew the certificate and upload the error message. The certificicate just cannot be trusted after the renew.