error on my server

  • hi
    I noticed that it was and error while deleting a domain (still in progress) .
    I so try to reconfigure imscp but i got error , i tried to reinstall (upgrade) but still error
    the folder (logs) don't want to be deleted (i try rm function in ssh but same result)

    I got V 1.5.1 of ismcp on debian

    Have you got any idea please ?

  • @nktine

    Please update to latest bugfixes branch.

    See i-MSCP 1.5.x Serie -- bugfixes

    You're affected by

    Backport: Fix for #IP-1758 (Could not remove HTTPD log directory -- T…

    nuxwin committed 16 days ago
    …he immutable bit is removed too late) from 1.6.x branch

    which is fixed in the konzeptplus branch.