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    I noticed that it was and error while deleting a domain (still in progress) .
    I so try to reconfigure imscp but i got error , i tried to reinstall (upgrade) but still error
    the folder (logs) don't want to be deleted (i try rm function in ssh but same result)

    I got V 1.5.1 of ismcp on debian

    Have you got any idea please ?

    Thanks for your answer.
    Sorry for the mission informations
    i used I-mscp 1.5.1 and let's encrypt 3.2.1

    Here is par of log :

    I sudenly discover tha'ts the plugin stop create working https url.
    I configured it as usual in the control panel and the certificate seems to be created but when i try to go to the website url, it is redirected to "website not found".

    In the imscp pannel i've got a notice message telling me there's number limited certificate but i don't know if it is due the that problem because it tell it on every domain .

    Is it due to a max number of certificate (license ) with the plugin ? (in this can how can i delete some )

    If not have you got idea ?

    Oui j'ai essayé :
    -de reconfigurer imscp
    -de le réinstaller

    A chaque fois, je me mettais en mode de navigation privée pour éviter les problèmes de cache.

    (pour info au cas où j'ai installé les plugins suivants:
    - phpswitcher
    -let's encrypt
    -WHMCS )
    et j'ai ioncube et imagemagick (devant êtres réinstallés à chaque mise à jour d'imscp :( )

    Un petit coup de main svp
    en essayant de mettre a jour ioncube suite à un upgrade de imscp (en 1.4.7) avec les plugins Phpversion, le système est resté bloqué sur "modifications en cours" (un de mes sites bloqué), j'ai bien regardé les forums et essayé les manip mais rien ne fonctionnait, j'ai donc essayé de reconfiguré imscp mais cela bloque, j'ai essayé de réinstaller en retéléchargeant la distrib (j'ai vu un comit sur le sujet en replacant delete $self->{'nonces'}->{$eventName} if $self->{'nonces'}->{$eventName} && !%{$self->{'nonces'}->{$eventName}}; ) mais aucun résultat non plus .

    voici l'erreur renvoyée : "
    FATAL] iMSCP::DbTasksProcessor::_processModuleDbTasks: Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /var/www/imscp/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/ line 208.
    ...propagated at /var/www/imscp/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/ line 487."

    Que puis-je faire svp ?

    i migrate i-mscp to the latest version, purge tmp archives and try to activate ioncube.
    Seems it not woking for the moment but ioncube seems installed

    yet it worked before in php 5.6 , strange...
    So clearly the plugin do work, i spend time searching incopatbility in ioncube 6.1 and php 7 or my script (but don't find it for the moment)

    Thx for your help anyway

    Bonjour =Laurent, merci de la réponse.

    Describe us the exact steps you following with all commands.

    I folowed the notice:

    1. cd /usr/local/src
    2. wget
    3. tar -xzf ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.tar.gz
    4. cd ioncube
    5. PHP_EXT_DIR=$(/opt/phpswitcher/%ymd%/php%version%/bin/php-config --extension-dir)
    6. cp $PHP_EXT_DIR/
    7. echo "zend_extension = $PHP_EXT_DIR/" > /opt/phpswitcher/%ymd%/php%version%/etc/php/conf.d/01_ioncube.ini

    Where version was changed to 7.0 and i replaced ymd of course .
    My old php version was located in /etc/php/5.6 then with the plugin the new php version is located in /opt/phpswitcher . Before installing the opt rep was empty ).