Error mysql dump using Workbench, or Navicat

  • Good morning ..

    I have a small vps in debian 9, i-mscp 1.5.1 with maria db 10.2 I'm going to move some
    things, after moving a database trying to make a remote copy and get the
    following error ... although the copy is completed

    I have made the suggested action for this type of error

    mysql_upgrade -u root -h localhost -p --verbose --force

    Restarted the vps

    But when I go back down any database the error is the same always

    Could not execute 'show events': Can not proceed because system tables
    used by Event Scheduler were found damaged at server start (1577)

    Operation failed with exitcode 2

    Someone of you has appreciated this problem and if you have solved it, you can tell me some clue or url to correct it

    Thank you


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  • Hey Nuxwin good day for you ..., I have executed this option that you inform me, but still
    giving error, I in version 10.1 and I attached parameter to the

    event_scheduler = ON

    And it works correctly but in 10.2, that option is ignored, using navicatm workbech, heidisql ...

    I try to define the default parameter, but I do not get a result

    global set event_scheduler = ON;
    1290 (HY000): The MariaDB server is rolling with the option
    --event-scheduler = DISABLED or --skip-grant-tables such that it can not
    execute this command
    and I can not activate the variable

    Any advice for this is good, another solution is to download mariadb to version 10.1, but I think it's better to look forward

    Thank you