Paid plugins - Howto download after purchasing?

  • Hi there. Using the link here in the forum, I went to the plugins store and purchased the letsncrypt plugin ... paid for it immediately with paypal to which I received my email confirmation from paypal as well ... and then nothing? I thought that I would immediately receive a download location with a passkey or something like that? It's now been several hours later and I have not received a purchase confirmation from the forum store, nor from the plugin developer/seller. Usually online software purchases at other locations are as described above, pretty much immediate. Scratching my head and wondering what's up? :/
    Is there some additional process that I'm not aware of?


  • @FreeJack

    When you purchase a plugin, you're added automatically in the group to which it belongs to and then, you can download it through our plugins store.



  • Thanks a bunch. Got it ...

    You're welcome ;)
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